About Us


“ Welcome! My name is Thuy. I'm a licensed interior designer with a HUGE passion for creating things. I started Sincerely Lucia as a hobby, all inspired by the beauty of nature! Yes. I'm a huge fan of nature! Arts and crafts have always been a huge part of my life growing up. I really enjoy creating things and constantly work on my skills. The company 'Lucia' came naturally as I originally designed some bracelets for myself. Creating jewelry also has helped me in many ways through my postpartum depression. Working on the bracelets and composing unique looks for them made me fell in love with them more and more, and I thought people might enjoy them as well with a quality that can last a lifetime. Thus, the idea of Lucia was born.

Thank you for being here! Please reach out if there's anything I can do for you! " ^^

How We Started

It all started on the crafting table as a hobby... and suddenly, we fell in love with those beautiful gemstone beads. With an appreciation of Mother Nature, we compose unique designs using gemstone jewelry pieces, just like painting on an empty canvas, with a story behind it. Our inspiration comes from nature. Yes! We love nature! We spent tons of time on researching for certified and reliable gemstone vendors, from Poland to Brazil, and hand-selected top quality gemstones to make sure we provide the best quality to our customers. 

All of our designs are handmade in Orange County, California. With love, care and passion, we are committed to building a quality relationship with our valued customers. Customer satisfaction is our motivation to create what we love and continue to provide more intricate and lovely jewelry pieces. Our happiness is when customers are excited when receiving our products and wear them with joy!

It is our pleasure and honor to share this journey with you. We hope our lovely pieces bring you JOY. We appreciate your support and thank you for choosing Lucia!



*All our products are handmade and packed in house in California, from our hand stamped necklaces, to clay keychains and stickers. So you can shop with confidence. Thank you for shopping small!